Integrated Energy company Driven by Technology.

We drive the chain in sustainable manner

About US

Hutchings LTD operates an oil & gas company. Hutchings Oil and gas is into downstream, upstream and midstream services.

We have been in the business since 2018, trading and developing.

we provide top notch oil and gas services to our client all over the country and our expertise is centered at 100% unequal customer services experience which distinguishes us from all other company.
our core products are:
Kerosene etc.

Our Service

What Service We Offer

We offer the following services to our clients


Production Optimization
❑ Drilling & Well Management Consultancy 
❑ Operation & Maintenance
❑ Manpower Services & Consultancy
❑ Marine & Logistics
❑ Procurement and Supplies


❑ Haulage
❑ Marine & Vessel Services 
❑ Product Sales & Marketing 
❑ Research & Development 
❑ Market Intelligence
❑ Procurement and Supplies


❑ Product Retail/Bulk Delivery – Diesel, ATK, PUK ❑ Marine & Vessel Services
❑ Marketing
❑ Tank Farm –
❑ Market Intelligence
❑ Procurement and Supplies